Lighthouse Leather

Specializing in Quick-Release collar/lead combos.

Price: Variable

Our products are all custom made, so this is just an example of our most popular products.  Let us know if you see something you like or something special you would like made.

This lead is made of the best English Bridle leather.   Each lead is made to your specification.  Mine is made for my English Springer Spaniel, Rascal.  It is approximately 3/8 inch wide and 31 inches long.  It has a thumb loop instead of a hand loop.  The bronze swivel snap is braided onto the leash.  The leash is just long enough so that when my hand is held at my waist, the bronze snap hangs straight down.  Go to the order form and tell me how wide and how long you would like your lead to be.

Obedience Lead           

Price: $35.00

This lead is made of black harness leather.  It is normally 6—7 feet long, but like all of our products, it can be made to your specifications.  The black harness leather is quite heavy, but feels good in the hand and is supple from the beginning.  The lead has a brass quick release snap that attaches to the dog’s collar and a brass snap.  This attaches to one of 4 ‘D’ rings or one floating ‘O’ ring so you can adjust the lead to a variety of different lengths.

4—Piece Utility Lead, Quick Release

You can add braiding to any leash or combination.  There are many different braids.

They can be long or short, thin or thick and with whatever size snap you prefer.

Write or call to let me know what you’d like.


Braided Leads

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Here, the utility lead of a Deluxe combination collar/leash has been braided.  The handler wanted a ‘fancier’ lead to be used for presentations, travel, etc.

Martingale combination with a twist braid in the leash.

Quick-Release Utility Leash

6’ - 8’ lead with Loc-Jaw (Quick-Release) snap on the dog-end and a brass bolt snap on the handle-end.  Includes 3 D-rings and floating ‘O’ ring.